Graffiti Ed!!

Today all the grade 5’s had graffiti education. The presenter’s name was Nathan, he was very funny. We all had a very good time. We learnt a lot about following your goal and don’t do what others tell you to even if it is just to be cool. Their is a difference between street art and vandalism!


5KB got to do cooking today!! We made White Chocolate Mini Mudcakes!! There were 6 groups. 5KB can’t wait to go cooking again! They were absolutely delicious!! 


Mathematicians of 5KB!

Over the last couple of weeks, the students in Grade 5KB have been examining Place Value. Last week we played some dice games and card games related to Place Value.

The dice game was called ‘Luck of The Roll’ and students had to roll 6 dice to try and make the biggest number possible and beat their partner.

The card game was called ’31’, and students had to draw cards to make a total of 31 or higher before their partner did.


Hello 5KBers!

Welcome back to Oatlands Primary School for another fantastic year ahead!

Well done on everyone from 5KB making a terrific start in our first full week back.

I’m so excited about this year and all the fun and learning that will take place in our classroom. We have a great group of students who have already shown how hard they can work!

I look forward to another great week ahead!